The Malting Process

A tradition dating thousands of years. No beard required.

Raw grain + Love = Better Beer & Spirits

Malting is a process that dates back thousands of years and we strongly believe that the steps taken during the malting process will directly impact the end product – your craft beers and artisan spirits. Malting is the process of taking raw grain (barley, wheat, or rye) through three very distinct steps:

1) Steeping.

This step is basically soaking the grain in water and getting the grain to absorb it. The grain is soaked in water on and off for several days and we expertly monitor the moisture level to ensure the next step is the primary goal.

2) Germination.

This process begins in the previous step and ends with the last step. In the time spent in between, the grain is worked by hand which allows for grain modification to occur – the overall goal during the malting process. You literally only get one chance at germination, so this step is crucial.

3) Kilning.

During the drying and kilning phase the possibilities truly are endless. The grains basically are dried in a controlled environment and varying the time and temperature will give the malt its’ flavor and color. During kilning the malt can be roasted to create specialty malts.